05 February 2013

All I'm sayin' is...

...it's a good thing he didn't own a gun store.

Hey, everybody loves a funny fish tale, right?

-- SAULT STE. MARIE, ONT. -- A judge gave a commercial fisherman the option Monday of donating 200 pounds of fish to Batchewana First Nation as part of his probation.
Now, here's where things get funny, er... wait...
The court heard Ian Agawa assaulted and threatened to kill a couple, and burn their house down.

When the complainant went outside and told Agawa to leave, he called her a “fucking white bitch,” and told her “she was on Indian land, (that) this was his land,” Johnson said.

He pushed her, grabbed her finger and put up his fists, saying she was “in for it” and he’d “burn down the place or whatever it takes.”

When she pushed back, Agawa hit her in the jaw and face.
So, the facts are, this guy is apparently aboriginal... and he's drunk and has some sort of chip on his shoulder... and he assaults and threatens this woman and her family.

How exactly is justice served by this fisherman donating fish to the Batchewana First Nation? At minimum, he should be compensating his victim. A more appropriate sentence would be jail time.

Just try imagine the uproar if an Anglo-Saxon cop was convicted of assaulting someone aboriginal... and said cop offered to square things by making a donation to the Sault Ste. Marie Police Pipe band. What judge in all the land would have approved that transaction?

I don't get it.