16 February 2013

If only Toronto City Council...

...had been allowed to declare a gun-free zone.

-- TORONTO -- A 19-year-old Brampton man has died five days after being shot in a chaotic incident that saw three other men wounded, two by cops, near a nightclub on CNE grounds.

Toronto Police say the city’s latest murder victim, now identified as Naveed Shahnawaz, passed away at St. Mike’s hospital just after midnight Friday.

Three men are charged in connection with the killing, which began with a brawl in a parking lot on Saskatchewan Rd. across the street from Muzik Night Club.
Alright... which of the nefarious groups (farmers, hunters or skeet shooters) will it be this... wait a minute...
Tony Hoang Dinh, 18, of Toronto, is charged with two counts of attempt murder with firearm and numerous other offences.

Jonathan Kwok-Ho Lau, 19, of Toronto, is charged with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, assault with a weapon and breach of recognizance.

Hoan Nguyen, 26, of Toronto, is charged with assault.
Wow... couldn't see that coming.


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oops there goes another...Apparently, it's open season on teens...
Police said they were looking for a white, four-door Toyota which drove away after shots were fired outside a house on Woolner Avenue, near Jane Street and St. Clair Avenue, shortly after 1 a.m.
If only there was a law.


Anonymous said...

Damn those red headed freckled Irish immigrants who come to this country and take up arms for no good reason.
Rob C

Neo Conservative said...

apparently the victim had an amateur boxing background which may have figured into this, uh... altercation.

in another article, the toronto star was quick to insert quotes about his "gentle" nature... you know... how that was the one thing holding him back from being a professional fighter.

of course, this being toronto, naveed may have overlooked the fact that you don't bring a left hook to a gunfight.