03 August 2012

The next time somebody tells you...

...if we didn't pay these guys outrageous salaries we wouldn't get quality candidates...

-- OTTAWA -- In the past 20 years, Elections Canada hasn't prosecuted one deadbeat candidate for not repaying election debt within the deadline.

This despite the fact candidates from the 2004, 2006 and 2008 general elections owed almost $3 million in unpaid bills.
You mean like this guy?
NHL hockey Hall of Famer Ken Dryden is in a similar situation. The six-time Stanley Cup champion was on the hook for $360,000, according to Dec. 31 filings with Elections Canada.


jwkozak91 said...

On behalf of the people of Alberta: Thanks McSquinty and LibSup and the Ontario Grits for your eHealth sloppy seconds, and thanks to our PC Ministry of Health and Wellness for hiring said sloppy seconds.

And thanks also to the lamestream and biased "alternative" Alberta media for keeping the sloppy seconds under wraps through the 2012 provincial election. Long enough for the Eastern bum to suck $350,000 outta the Alberta medicare system.

And to Raj Sherman: Shut up with the "foxes guarding the hen-house" crap. You haven't yet proven to me that you think differently than McGuinty does. And your supporters voting for the "PCAA foxes" in the 2012 election are the reason why the said foxes are still in power.

fernstalbert said...

Are there any other outstanding political debts from other parties - or is this a Liberal "deadbeat" thing? How can you take Liberals seriously when they can't even raise money to cover their own expenses - much less the finances of a country. Cheers.

Neo Conservative said...

"fernstalbert asks... is this a Liberal "deadbeat" thing?"

seems to be. can't see the msm letting the knuckle-draggin' conservatives off if they had the goods on them too.


Anonymous said...

The idea has always been irrational, what we want in Ottawa is people who want to serve, not people there to profit.
By paying them large salaries we encourage them to find ways to justify their existence which always means taxes or regulations from on high.
Cut their wages to 60,000 plus expenses and send them home after the budget is passed, at that point their job in Ottawa is done unless war breaks out.

Anonymous said...

No, the fascists hire each other in bogus wingnut welfare "foundations", which pay them outrageous salaties. All so they appear to be financing campaigns with their own money, even though the money really came from the 1% who again have found a way to throw lots of money to their preferred candidates.

Anonymous said...

Why can't the government use its Royal Prerogative to pardon them? King Stephen did it for a bunch of separatist wheat runner farmers. Why the double standard from the party of personal responsibility?

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny whinges... Why can't the government use its Royal Prerogative to pardon them?"

lemme see... a bunch of deadbeat politicians who refuse to honour their debts... versus farmers who simply want the right to market what they grow.

it's official, nonny... you're a moron.