22 August 2012

McSlippery regime falls back on...

..."more basketball courts" strategy...

-- TORONTO -- Ontario is bolstering crime prevention programs with a focus on youth - to the tune of $20 million - in an effort to get guns off the streets by trying to prevent kids from turning to crime in the first place.

A plan to expand summer job programs and add more youth outreach workers was announced Tuesday.
Wait a minute...
Toronto politicians were shocked to hear the alleged Eaton Centre shooter had a City of Toronto job working with kids up until two weeks ago.
Gotta love those Liberals and their bottomless pockets.


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First it was former Health Minister George Smitherman’s tearful admission that he’d used “party drugs,” before he got into politics.

Now we hear from former Attorney General Michael Bryant that while he was the province’s chief legal officer, he was also an alcoholic. While he claims not to have been drunk on the job, he was hung over. Hello? The attorney general’s job isn’t 9-5 -it’s 24/7. You’re always on duty.

It begs the question, was anyone actually sober at Premier Dalton McGuinty’s cabinet table?

It certainly explains some of their bizarre cabinet decisions.
Party on dudes.


jwkozak91 said...

1.) George Smitherman and Michael Bryant - you might both act like John A. Macdonald, but you'll never be John A. Macdonald.

2.) Yet another reason why John McCallum should never be in a federal cabinet again.

Anonymous said...

How about spending that 20 million on cops doing random spot checks and confiscating the guns....dehhh


Michael Harkov said...

So they care about preventing youth crime, eh? Gee, that is great. So how else do they deal with youth crime? Why, just May of this year they slashed staff by 50%at Brookside Youth Centre and Cecil Facer Youth Centre while closing Bluewater Youth Centre only four months ago. These are all secure custody facilities for youth criminals, one of which I am grateful to say, had enough time in to survive being cut and laid off.

So many of these left-tard youth crimal coddlers say that secure custody sentences don't work well. But do you know what one of the reasons are they don't work, Neo? Because few of the liberal judges were giving them long enough sentences for us to be able to have enough time necessary to work with them on their rehabilitation; let alone the fact that criminals that are incarcerated are not on the streets committing and inflicting their crimes on their would be victims(leaving aside the crimes they committ while INSIDE).

Then this blowhard Premier has the nerve to say that they made these cutbacks in these facilities because they did not have the numbers in the facilities anymore to justify the expenditure, because *ta-da*, youth crime was down and their measure for preventing youth crime was working. Youth in facilites aren't down because their measures were working, youth in facilites were down because these judges were cowtowing to the government's soft, left-tard "principles". You've heard it before - they don't believe in putting these little thugs where they belong. So NOW this hypocritical asshole of a Premier is going to justify $20 million MORE for the prevention of youth crime? This idiot of a Premier claims that he and his government CARE about preventing youth crime, but they sure have a funny way of showing it.

(Oh, as an aside, it isn't the Liberal's bottomless pockets; it is OUR not-so bottomless pockets. It is always easy to spend taxpayers' money in the hypocritical guise of caring. Spending other people's money is what left-tard liberals to best, as you well know.).

Rich said...

The answer is obvious....require all kids to spend 20 or so hours on acceptable B. Ball courts after school.
Since we know these courts work, they need to be availanble right across the province on a grand scale.
This will be a net money saver when we also have counsellors, attendance monitors, court supervisors, a registry to track court usage, computer specialists to update central records etc.
Naturally, all of this will boost the economy in the process.
My sphincters are all aflutter.