14 August 2012

The difference between a "historian"...

...and a "community organiser"... is that only one of them is obligated to speak the truth...

"Put up, or shut up, dear newspaper of record. Tell us when that "tradition" of 'Iftar Dinners' truly began. Cite those Presidents who held dinners that they considered to be 'Iftar Dinners.' Give us chapter, give us verse. And if, as I believe, that hollow and recent and transparently determined-to-win-Muslim-hearts-and-minds 'tradition' began in 2001, then tell us."

"And since your story was on the front page, do what the lawyers do when they have to make legal announcements, and put your retraction, eat your humble pie, right on the front page."
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RELATED: Yes, Virginia...

...it's what the mainstream media does...
"Mr. Williams talked about everything, including a puppy rescue team in Detroit, except the lawsuit against Mr. Holder."
Wake up, folks... and smell the manipulation.


LAST WORD: VPOTUS plays the race card
race hustlers sling the mudNo surprise here... everybody knows Biden is a loose cannon. What's surprising is that Obama doesn't have the sense to distance himself from this clumsy Sharpton-esque hustle...
"The Obama campaign, meanwhile, did not back away from Biden’s 'chains' remark. Obama deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter defended the vice president during an interview Tuesday."

“We have no problem with those comments,” Cutter said.
Down in the gutter yet again. Yeah... there's a surprise.

"Biden should keep talking. Obama should keep talking. Please don't stop them because if you can get Obama's teleprompter away from him long enough, he will let his mask slip, and what comes out is alien to most people."