27 September 2010

Well... no wonder Quebec is going apeshit

It's like somebody published pornographic pictures of Elmer the Safety Elephant...
Veteran Quebec secessionist Gilles Rhéaume says that the Maclean’s article is only the latest chapter in the “history of francophobia in Canada.”

And he says likens the use of the image of Bonhomme Carnaval in this way to bannering the image of “the Queen of England made up as a prostitute” across the front page of all newspapers and television news bulletins.
Uh, Gilles... nobody but you and your fellow Quebeckers is losing their minds over an "alleged" insult to a "pretend" snowman. What... you're worried that your team mascot is gonna go put his head in an oven?

Just spitballin' here... but maybe somebody would like to actually address the stuff about corruption?