24 September 2010

Hmmm... I guess it's a "Liberal" thing

How big do your balls have to be... to walk into a court of law and start quoting the "unwritten rules"...
those liberal rulesOf course, we're talking about a guy who is so Gumby-like flexible... he could comfortably spiral from one side of the political spectrum to it's distant & diametrically opposed ass-end.

And now... here comes boring old Bellemare actually dragging out those pesky "written" rules & precedents...
According to the lawyer of former justice minister Marc Bellemare, whose allegations of judge-rigging by Liberal Party fundraisers led to the inquiry, the Premier’s involvement constituted a breach of the confidential process that must be followed in nominating a judge.

The rules clearly say that the names of the candidates, their resumes and personal information must remain confidential. The information is kept by the co-ordinator of the selection committee,” Jean-Fran├žois Bertrand said.
Well, slap me with a shovel... what sounds more plausible here?

Yeah, yeah, I know... we're talking about Quebec. I'm not gonna get my hopes up.



quebec corruption
"Apparently Macleans has a cover story that is really making Quebec mad. Says Quebec is the most corrupt province in Canada."