16 September 2010


Attention local miscreants...
"Thanks to the G&M and Charlie we now know where he keeps his guns. Any criminal elements in the area will appreciate this info. as it will make it a lot easier to find them."

"Thanks for that Charlie! Why not just post a note on the front door: Guns are under the marital bed!"
9/16/2010 11:41:46 AM
Yes, Peace Moonbeam... of course... that could never happen...
In a case that drives home the purpose of Please Rob Me, a site dedicated to raising anti-oversharing awareness, the robbers hit 50 homes in Nashua, N.H. in August.

In other "Wag the Dog" news
Those NDP members electing to defy their constituents' wishes in favour of their leader's desire to defeat the Conservatives' attempt to abolish the registry, will disregard both stark evidence of the registry's failures, and the emotions of their voters.