12 August 2008

He may have tried preparing...

...but he sure wasn't ready...
"This was a running gun battle," Toronto Police homicide Det. Mary Vruna told reporters at police headquarters, two days after Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid, 20, was shot dead. "All of the individuals were prepared to have a gun fight."
And guess what happens at a wild-ass shootout... when you don't bring your "A" game.
By the time the suspect -- described as a black male, six feet tall, with a dark hoodie, black denim jeans and possibly sunglasses -- fled in a dark blue, older model minivan, Rowe-Reid was left to bleed out next to a red 1992 Toyota Corolla. Paramedics took him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.
It's a predictable ending... to an all too familiar scenario.
Both victims were known to police. Rowe-Reid has been convicted of a weapons offence in the past.

The unemployed man was of no fixed address, but maintained "regular contact" with his Toronto family, Vruna said.
Yup... a real family guy.

I can't wait for the inevitable, sickly-sweet eulogies... lauding his potential overwhelming contributions to the field of folk... you know... if he hadn't imagined himself some kinda dumbass gangsta.

The moral of the story... Helen Keller coulda seen this one coming.


I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.