26 August 2008

Dear Mayor Miller

Maybe picking on members of the Olympic shooting team... isn't gonna solve Toronto's problems after all...
Cops now believe he'd been lying there for hours before a passerby stumbled onto his lifeless body.

But beyond figuring out who killed him and why, they have an equally perplexing question: how did a man known to hang out almost exclusively in the downtown core wind up in a place he likely never even knew about?
And it's not like we're talking about a single problem area.
Homicide detectives are investigating the possible murder of a man found on the front lawn of a house in the city’s east-end this morning.

The man, who has not been identified, was found with severe injuries to his body when police arrived at the scene on Bon Echo Court, Scarborough about 7 a.m.
And there's a lot of problems that have nothing to do with guns at all.
A Toronto man is facing charges after a pair of stabbings in two separate city locations, police said today.

Mauricio Antonio Delgado-Cruz, 37, allegedly sliced a man in the back in the early afternoon yesterday, fleeing the Yonge St.-Orchardview Blvd. area shortly after.

Police say he then approached another victim near Eglinton Ave. W. and Bathurst St. and stabbed him several times with a pen.

"It gets better: Two of the charges for Mauricio Antonio Delgado−Cruz are 'Fail To Comply Recognizance.'"

"Great. Lets go for threezies!"

UPDATE: Latest murder victim identified
Toronto police have identified a body found near a Scarborough home as belonging to 19-year-old Caxtons Kyeremeh.

Kyeremeh has been described as well-known to police, regarding weapons, ammunition and drug-related offences.


Apparently, the Cynic is a big believer in politically correct censorship. If it doesn't fit his lofty, lefty, compassionate world view... it is verboten.

He's not disputing that any of these events happened... you just aren't allowed to acknowledge them.

Or Canadian Cynic et al... will fix your wagon.

RELATED: Your money... his friends
Is 17 people travelling to Quebec City on the city's dime the kind of services Torontonians are in need of? Mayor David Miller never mentioned this junket when he was ramming through his new tax reforms last year.

And here we were thinking the City of Toronto was dirt poor -- you know, we must help bail these turkeys out.

Turns out, during an era where there was fear of not making budget, the city fathers miraculously found $41,854 to cover expenses for 17 people to go to beautiful old Quebec.

C'est bon.