28 August 2008

Here's hoping...

...they'll finally be able to break that... ribbed, lubricated "latex ceiling."
-- TORONTO -- The University of Toronto will launch Canada's first graduate program in sexual diversity studies this fall, allowing students to pursue master's and PhD programs focused on the sexual aspect of everything from pulp fiction to public health.

The graduate degrees will be collaborative programs with other faculties, meaning that students apply through departments such as history or law, but their thesis topics are approved through the Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies.

The research interests of this year's grad students range from queer theatre in Canada to the homoerotics of militarism and peace activism.
Ah, yes... worthy subjects all.

So, what exactly does one do with a doctorate in... "Let's get it on?"
Paul Halferty, 34, is in the fifth year of his PhD at U of T's drama centre, but will enter the collaborative program this year to continue his research in queer theatre.

Mr. Halferty believes his focus on sexuality will help him find a teaching job at a university.
But, of course.