22 July 2008

A message for the loony leftosphere

The next time a bunch of homegrown terrorists threatening violence... start blockading the busiest traffic pipeline in the entire country... try calling Peter Kormos.


RELATED: The "Red" Star decides...

...to no one's surprise... to go with an aboriginal hero.

Of course... it's Brant's own lawyer who'd doing the "hailing"... but never let it be said the Star misses a single opportunity to kiss aboriginal ass.
Shawn Brant's cool head – not OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino's heated rhetoric – brought a peaceful end to a native standoff last summer, insists the Mohawk activist's lawyer.

UPDATE: More on "Shawn Brant's 'cool head'"
Brant jumped out of his car, grabbed a six-foot-long fishing spear from the rear seat and ran towards the altercation, Lalonde said.

"His eyes were crazy-looking ... he was in a rage," he said, adding Brant ran up to the scene yelling "'Is it on? Is it on?'"

LAST WORD: We shouldn't feel slighted
Apparently Shawn Brant doesn't give a crap for Mohawk rules and regulations either.