29 July 2008

Talk about delicious irony...

...everybody's favourite pottymouth screwball, the loudly self-celebrated Canadian Cynic... once again confusing clumsy sarcasm for wit... calls for Stephen Taylor to start censoring the Blogging Tories...
"But I'm sure I'm overreacting here, Stephen. I'm sure there's nothing to be concerned over."
Well CC... you obnoxious dumbstick... you're certainly over-reacting here...

Now, I do have to state very clearly, that replying to the Cynic... who is by the way, my most frequent linker... is done solely of my own volition.

And also, for the record, despite the spew of paranoia above... there is no shadowy, Blogging Tories cabal... that travels down to Waterloo to take notes on poor, benighted CC's every move.

The fact is, I have actually been over this very thing with Stephen... who has told me, in no uncertain terms, that he feels the personal to-and-fro, rather than general, all-round political discourse... actually detracts from the overall purpose of BT.

And, on one level, I agree with that. In a perfect world, no one would allow personal animosity to cloud the oratorical waters.

Unfortunately, being a less than perfect human being and lacking Stephen's enormous reserve of forebearance for the similarly flawed... I reserve the right to fire back whenever the Cynic starts to blat his puerile, profane nonsense in my direction.

For example... lately CC's been leaving anonymous comments here... which he then posts about back at his blog. I mean, how sad is that?And have you ever noticed how often CC decides to go after women... or as they're known in cynic-speak... "utter douchebags" and perennial favourite... "cunts."

Need an example?

Funnily enough, there's alway one at hand...
Behold the demented misogynist who, incredibly, now proposes censoring the Blogging Tories.

CC has pathetically, in addition... gone as far as inventing a female alter-ego, "Lulu"... to try take the edge off his blatant sociopathy towards women.

The feedback I receive from many of you... some of whom are on the receiving end of CC's profane and extremely personal attacks... suggests that no one is losing sleep over the Cynic receiving a dose of his own salts.

And that, my friends, is why I continue to fire back.

Because actions should have consequences.


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LAST WORD: Say, CC... what makes you think...

...Stephen needs your advice anyway?
"Stephen Taylor, the co-founder of the Blogging Tories, has helped me out since January without any compensation -- or even any public thanks. His knowledge and expertise have helped immensely with taking this content and using the social media tools of the Internet to find a huge audience."

"I’m sure he'd make a killing if he ever went into the PR business – I just hope he keeps doing his work for 'the cause', too!"