28 December 2007

It must have been...

The principle of the thing...
"It may have started over something as stupid as an argument over a set of keys."

"It ended in a bloodbath that left two young people dead, another suffering stab wounds and a fourth man hit with new murder accusations
Well... she sure won't do that again, huh?



One of my anonymous progressive friends... after perhaps a little too much to drink... decides to parade their utter lack of comprehension...
"stupid,insipid piece of shit"
Hey, dumbo... it's a very specific commentary about the homicidal sociopath who hacked two people to death... apparently over nothing.

Are you really that dense?


"A heads-up neo, I've been over at the "The Right is WIA" blog having a few guffaws with Ol'Red and the Cdn. Cyntie Round Table crew and now Ol' Red has a viagra hard-on that it's you posing as a sockpuppet under various nic's."

"The above "anony crappola" may increase as Ol' Red has sworn some sort of retribution upon you."
Well... I guess it was only a matter of time before all the pinko trolls got together to try wreak a little havoc.

I can't wait to see what the ugly offspring of "Red Tory" and noted feminist "Canadian Cecilia" look like.


UPDATE: My anonymous rager above is a Galloping Beaver

If you're a fan of unintentional irony... check out the picture that accompanies the Beav's post.
"Here’s the comment I posted on the site. Wanna make a bet it never sees the light of day for more than 24 hours?"
Hey, Cheryl... I'll take that bet.