26 December 2007

Less activism... more parenting

Now, I'm no actuary, but if... in a city of 2 million people, two of your children are murdered, in totally separate incidents... you might want to take a closer look at your parenting strategy...
Regent Park gunshot victim Karim Rashid Ata-Ayi is the second son Toronto activist Patricia Wynters has lost to gun violence and police are working overtime to put his killer in handcuffs.

Police said Ata-Ayi is well known to them and was charged in connection with an August 2000 shooting at a Regent Park barbecue and in the shooting of 16-year-old youth.

"Let's all calm down and wait for the Star to tell us what to think and who to blame."
"it takes a village to raise a child when the parents refuse to do it - that's why we have 'corrections canada'"

LAST WORD: Everybody relax... there's a proclamation

Save us... oh wise and wonderful Star.
"This day is going to help me personally start my journey of healing knowing there are other people who care and knowing that we are taking the initiatives to help to eradicate the ulcer of gun violence in our community," Wynter told the Etobicoke Guardian in 2004 after Mayor David Miller proclaimed a day of non-violence in Toronto.
Obviously we're gonna need a little more proclaiming.