16 November 2007

Golden opportunity for Dion

I know how Steffi can lock up that big-city metrosexual moonbat vote...

All he has to do is promise, if he gets to be Prime Minister... he'll replace all those nasty machine guns in Afghanistan with Tasers... confiscated from Canadian police forces.
An investigation is underway after an Afghan man died, and another was injured in a shooting involving a Canadian convoy just outside Kandahar city on Thursday.

Military officials said a taxi had approached an International Security Assistance Force convoy and ignored visual warnings to stop.
It seems the Canadian Armed Forces are having a problem with the prevailing leftbot "wait until the actual explosion to shoot back" philosophy.

For all anyone knows, these guys were simply probing to see how close an actual bomber can get. Anybody who ignores the warnings and breaches a safety perimeter... they're dogmeat... and rightly so.

In war... innocents, not-so-innocents and idiots... sometimes get hurt or killed.

The forces probably even had an estimate six years ago going into this thing... of how many of their own people would get killed by "friendly fire."

In war... people die.
"ISAF reserves the right to self defence, but every effort is made to avoid risk to civilian life while also dealing with the potential insurgent threat posed by vehicle born suicide bombers. Afghan citizens are urged to comply with the warning signs in order to prevent these incidents."
That's why they call it war and not "circle of friends" you dumb bunnies.

Suck it up.


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If you're a living, breathing human being... shit happens.

LAST WORD: If they can spare a minute...

From all their stupid yipyap about those poor Taliban prisoners... maybe the Libs and the Dippers could get behind supplying some helicopters to OUR TROOPS.
-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- The Canadian death toll in Afghanistan has risen by two.

Col. Christian Juneau said Corp. Nicolas Raymond Beauchamp of the 5th Field Ambulance in Valcartier and Pte. Michel Levesque of the Royal 22nd died early this morning.

They were riding in a Light Armoured Vehicle (LAV) that hit an IED (improvised explosive device) on a road north of a Canadian forward operating base near Bazar-e Panjwaii.
They will be remembered.