01 February 2007

Leahy strangely silent on Arar

UPDATE: -- An Arar rundown --


I was taken to the woodshed last week, by left-leaning blogonauts over my stated willingness, to... rather than join the genuflecting hordes begging for Mr. Arar's forgiveness... wait a week for more facts on this murky affair to surface.

You'll recall that, last week, in front of the rolling tv cameras, Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy was almost insane with rage...
"We knew damn well if he went to Canada, he wouldn't be tortured. He'd be held and he'd be investigated. We also knew damn well if he went to Syria, he'd be tortured.
Now that they've been briefed by the Justice Department, Leahy and fellow senator, Arlen Specter, suddenly don't have much to say...
WASHINGTON — Two U.S. senators who have been briefed on the Maher Arar case say they have a lot more questions.

But Democrat Patrick Leahy and Republican Arlen Specter clammed up about what they were told by Justice Department officials on Thursday during a meeting that lasted an hour and 40 minutes
C'mon boys... it's vindication day!

Or is it?

Oh well... I can wait.

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