18 February 2007

Taliban Jack craps on Canada

Yet again...
-- "The tragic fact is that we lure people to come here, we give them points for their experience, and their professional credentials," Layton, speaking in front of Toronto's Union Station, said Sunday. --
Yeah Jack... we lure them, you know... like pedophiles lure unsuspecting children.

Lure them... to a country where every citizen has the right to vote. To a country that doesn't shit on people because of their gender, race or sexual preference. To a country with due process, instead of kangaroo courts. To a country where you can spout any sort of socialist nonsense... and not be disappeared by the local dictator, or opposing religious faction.
"We ask them to go and drive cabs for 10 years and the come back and do your residency and practice your medicine. It's a very, very painful situation," said immigrant Abdul Khan.
To immigrant Abdul, I say, "Buddy, you're full of cous-cous."

The unfortunate reality is, there are places in the world, most notably the so called "third world" where accreditation just doesn't meet North American standards. And I for one, want the surgeon who is operating on my child to meet and indeed, exceed the standards. If you can't write the Ontario medical board exams that existing doctors have to pass... I don't want you operating on me, my family... or the guy down the street, for that matter.

If immigrant Abdul thinks he can snaffle up a surgical residency in Baluchistan, Baghdad or Bumfuck, Minnesota... then he should, by all means, hie off to paradise.

He'd be a fool not to.

But if he decides to stay, he should understand very clearly... that he has to meet the same standard as every other Dr. Tom, Dick or Mohammed.

The Globe wants a piece of this

They start off with the headline, "Popular MD gives up hope to settle in Canada..."

The article bemoans the sixty months it has taken this doctor to try get citizenship, then casually drops in a few little wrinkles... like moving out of the country which, quite reasonably, restarts the paperwork clock....
The doctor and his family moved between Canada and South Africa a number of times -- including moving back to his home country twice.

Dr. Kruger thinks his two-year compulsory stint in the apartheid-era South African army might be to blame. In 1987-88, he served as a lieutenant in the medical corps.

Some army units, and their medical officers, have been implicated in torture and other war crimes.
Can you imagine the international furore, if Canada actually let in someone who was accused of conducting experiments on blacks?

Perhaps the Globe needs to find another example.

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