02 November 2006

Homegrown Terrorist

Abdullah Khadr... not so proud Canadian.

The United States is looking to extradite this man. I don't understand why we let him, or his family, back into the country.

A few Khadr facts:

His father Ahmed Khadr, a Bin-Laden associate, stole funds from aid programs and gave them to Al-Qaeda. The father was later killed in a gunbattle with Pakistani security forces.

His brother Omar is in prison at Guantanamo Bay... he killed a US soldier.

His brother Abdurahman got a walk from authorities after ratting out his fellow terrorists.

His brother Abdul Karim was paralyzed in the same gun battle that killed his father. He and his mother were quick to return to Canada so that Adul could get free medical care.

Abdullah Khadr used a global positioning system to measure the distance between the home of the Pakistani Prime Minister and a graveyard from where a missile attack was to be staged by al-Qaeda operatives, according to newly filed court documents.

During the more than two hours that Mr. Khadr chatted with Sgt. Shourie in Canada, he spoke of his ability to make bombs, his ties to militant fighters and plans to sell Russian-made surface-to-air missiles.
Note that then Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien himself, worked to spring Khadr senior from a Pakistani prison in 1996.
Chretien personally intervened on behalf of Khadr during a 1996 state visit to Pakistan. The suspected Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist was released shortly after Chretien's diplomatic lobbying campaign.
A fact that's curiously missing from the "INDEPTH" CBC reportage.

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james higham said...

Yeah, extradite him - nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Just a guy... said...

The Khadr's, as I understand, are Canadian citizens and as such ought to be brought home, if even to have our own security services investigate them and lay charges. Rights that come from citizenship must always be recognized.

As for extremism, there is little better in a world designed and maintained by an unopposed America than in a world that is terrified by even a hint of a radical enemy. The Americans resort to radicalism in their battle against radical ideology, and in so doing justify their own destructiveness to civil liberties, which are supposed to be sacred to them, not to mentioning destroying the very freedom of other societies. They force other countries, even their allies, to live with whatever verdict they deem to pass on the world. They don't see a community of allies that might have varying positions on a security matter, they see America and very alien counterparts.

And I don't think Canadian conservatism is really akin to American conservatism, yet Harper's Tories (and the Reformers that radicalized the old Tory party) conduct themselves as if they were one and the same thing. I think our Conservatives ought to see a broader world, one outside the American lense.

Neo Conservative said...

i see your point, but have to disagree. extraordinary times demand extraordinary measures.

in a ranking of odious, dangerous persons, the khadr family is near the top of the pyramid. their citizenship was one of convenience, carelessly discarded many years ago, when they chose to make jihad on us.

the mother only retreated to canada after her husband was killed and one son paralysed in a gun battle... and we are now paying dearly for that.

by their own admission, the sons were trained in weapons and explosives from an early age. they are and always will be a danger to any of us infidels.

they have "lost" their passports many times, which has allowed allah knows who, to commit god knows what, crimes against humanity. their allegiance was never to canada and never will be. they laugh at what they see as our weakness... even when we mourn our dead.

is that a canadian? i say it is not.

Just another guy... said...

There is no question that the actions of some of the Khadr family are decidedly "against" Canada. As for the others, the ones that remain free, if there is reason to charge them, let them be charged and IMPRISONED. Forcing them out of Canada keeps them at large as criminals. Bring them home, investigate them and, if warranted, arrest them - a much better way to control an enemy of the state than leaving them to their own devices, especially abroad. As a government, Canada can only do so much on the international front.

As for our institutions - our government, the courts and intelligence services - we have to trust them and use them appropriately, including giving everyone due process. (This doens't mean we can't alter how they function, of course.) Everytime we ask, or compell, one of these institutions to take extraordinary measures to "control" a sitution (as in the case of the RCMP and Maher Arar) we are actually eroding its ability to function properly in the future. These institutions must be properly guided in order to protect upstanding Canadians most especially, even against pressures from foreign institutions, such as the US intelligence services, which are being given free reign within their country and abroad. There have been independent investigations on Canadian soil by US intelligence - that's intolerable if we are to maintain our sovereignty. And this coming from an ally. Now that's a terrifying thought.