12 March 2011

A little something to consider...

...the next time you're feeling sorry for yourself...

Paralyzed from the neck down as a result of childhood polio, Ms. Mason was one of the last handful of Americans, perhaps 30 people, who live full time in iron lungs.

I’m happy with who I am, where I am,” Ms. Mason told The Charlotte Observer in 2003. “I wouldn’t have chosen this life, certainly. But given this life, I’ve probably had the best situation anyone could ask for.”
They say that courage is simply "grace under pressure."

Requiescat in pace, Martha Ann Mason.


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Surviving the drop was remarkable considering the spot the student leaped from is more than 200 feet off the water - and 99 percent of the estimated 1,500-plus people who have jumped from the bridge since it opened in 1937 died from the fall.


Frances said...

Wonderful story about Ms Mason. We need to hear more about people like her.

Neo Conservative said...

mrs neo is currently reading ms mason's book... and she pointed me to the link at the nyt.

ms mason's story put both of us in mind of my recently deceased father-in-law... who despite two years of failing health... travelled courageously & hopefully... right up to his very last days.