21 February 2011

And hey, that guy reminds everybody...

...of Mr Spock's father on anti-depressants... how's he doing? --

What may matter most is that after weeks of Conservative television attack ads warning voters that the once-itinerant Liberal Leader “didn’t come back for you,” the share of voters who approve of Mr. Ignatieff’s leadership has slumped to 13.6 percent, slightly behind “none of the above.”

NDP Leader Jack Layton’s is more popular, with the approval of 14.3 per cent of voters, compared to Mr. Harper’s comparatively robust 34.5 per cent.

The Nanos Leadership Index score, an amalgam of questions on trust, competence and vision, has Mr. Ignatieff at 36.9, down from 45.1 in December. Stephane Dion was at the same level during the 2008 coalition crisis, when he was at his nadir. This is slough of despond territory. In contrast, Stephen Harper scores 98.9, up from 84.9.

That ad showing the Prime Minister alone in his office, working late into the night with a cheap pen, seems to have worked.
You mean... as opposed to the guy who keeps going on those bus tours... to convince everybody he's just a regular Joe Sixpack?


READER JEREMY WRITES:"But wait... there's more..."
"Michael Ignatieff is on a tour right now called the 'Working Families' tour. Aside from the fact that every single event takes place between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, the very time that most 'working families' are, well - working, they are also having a reception tonight in St. Johns.".

"As you can see it is open to Laurier Club members only. To be a Laurier Club member, all you need to do is donate $1100 / year to the Liberal Party of Canada (only $550 if you're under 35!)"

"I wonder how many 'working families' can afford, in the middle of a recession, to hand over $1100 (per person) to the Liberal Party of Canada? To meet Sir Michael Ignatieff himself?"


Anonymous said...

If you're a conservative, I suppose this is something to cheer about.

However, deep down, knowing that when you lie your face off, people scoop this up en masse, it makes you also think, that not long ago, the same people scooped the liberal crap en masse too.

Kinda puts it into perspective doesn't it.

However, it may not be one you wish to entertain I'd surmise... It's more palatable to think the good guys are winning.

Anonymous said...

"Sir Michael" Aah that would be "Count"

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny says... the same people scooped the liberal crap en masse too"

cheer up, comrade... maybe it's not too late to teach old sheeple new tricks, huh?


MONSTER said...

spring election and a CPC majority. Darn it Neo how come you get all the good trools? Hey nonny want to switch sites to haunt?

syncrodox said...

If you're a liberal, I bet you're bummed.
Nobody marginally more sentient than a slug is buying the proggy claptrap.

Kinda nother perspective eh?

However, it may not be one you can fathom.