15 February 2011

WAG THE DOG: Part 4634

Another fuzzy-bunny CBC poll goes horribly wrong...

"Do you agree with the government's plan to reduce overall immigration?"
save the pander


Chris said...

There is nothing more ironic than a Canadian who is against immigration.

robins111 said...

Now thats gotta sting like a snap-back twig on a cold day

Jim said...

Oh come on, the poll didn't go that wrong!

Only 23% of respondents think the government is not going far enough!

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... nothing more ironic"

perhaps, chris... you could consider the perils of unrestricted immigration... for example, flooding the country with elderly relatives of recent immigrants who will contribute nothing financially & indeed suck on the government teat for the last two decades of their lives.

just something to contemplate the next time you're sitting in the local hospital emergency room waiting for 7 hours to see an already hopelessly overburdened doctor.


Anonymous said...

well, I'll just have to assume either you need to suppress the news that your beloved party are letting record numbers of immigrants in, or, the idea has blown your mind so much you just decided it's time to pretend it just isn't happening.

Of course we all want this (conservative!) government to STOP INCREASING THE NUMBER OF IMMIGRANTS IN.

no brainer. I don't think anyone wanted them to increase it in the first place.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny continues to shriek... your beloved party are letting record numbers of immigrants in"

okay, nonny... that's what... your eighth comment since 7 o'clock this morning?

seeing as you dropped your usual douchebag, nazi, monkeyboy invective this time around, i'll let this one through.

no one in their right mind is against intelligent immigration. it's simply that 4 decades after st pierre trudeau threw open the gates... we've started to consider that bringing in everybody's ailing, elderly non-english speaking grandparents might not be productive or useful policy.

try reading the cbc comments... even the usual suspects are acknowledging this fact.

my parents were immigrants. the difference is they came here in their twenties and worked their whole lives to contribute to the collective good.

you can wrap your tiny mind around that... right?


oxygentax said...

Chris and Nonny...

Assuming you are referring to immigration as it was originally used to populate the country, I would hope that you guys would realize that there's a difference between then and now... specifically that up until the last generation, there were no sweeping social programs that would burden the system through immigration.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see more immigration from the former USSR and other Eastern European countries and less from China, India and the Middle East. Note that this does not automatically me a racist.

Neo Conservative said...

anon... care to explain your preference?


Anonymous said...

1) They know socialism. 2) They assimilate. 3) They generally share Christian values. 4) They are refreshingly politically incorrect. 5) They value freedom (see #1).

How's that for a broad, baseless bunch of biased stereotypes?

Neo Conservative said...


as pj o'rourke always says... "it's nice to see the logic AND the lab equipment".


Bob Devine said...

Correct me if I am wrong but I thought originally immigration was to help improve our country. How did it ever come to be the welfare system for the failed citizens of other countries it has become? I grew up with many immigrant friends except back in those days (late 40s and 50s) we referred them DPs. Whatever they were called they were an industrious bunch and added much good to the fiber of Canada. Very unlike the current bunch mostly from all those Muslim/Islamic oasis's that are the main reason we are having the problems we are having today.

Chris said...

Thankfully I have not spent much time in hospital waiting rooms. When I last did, I really couldn't pick out the teat sucking 'immigrants' from the wholesome tax paying 'Canadians', not that I really cared.

Neo, when you were last there, how did you determine which were which?

That aside, not a day goes by that I don't thank god that someone way back got on a boat and got the frack out of europe. I don't know much about who they were except they were likely very poor and came here to get free land.

I imagine most people who frequent this blog would have a similar background... ironic, given some of the comments.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris says... Thankfully I have not spent much time in hospital waiting rooms."

sorry to be the bearer of bad news, chris... but the canadian health care system is imploding.

and yes... i have spent 7 and a half hours sitting in a hospital emergency room with a sick child draped over my lap.

the liberals irrational policies to place family reunification over actual contributing immigrants (a blatant vote-buying scheme) will inevitably push the sytem over the edge.

i'm with kathy shaidle on this one... no sponging off he system for folks who didn't pay into the kitty.

"I don't feel like paying your elderly mother's six figure medical bills through my extorted tax dollars. If she's never paid into the Canadian system, she shouldn't be allowed to use it."


Chris said...

So can I assume this has less to do with immigration and more to do with who can access social programs?

If that's the case, then I can see your point. Of course, this 'access to social programs prevention' ought to go further to capture all the free riders out there. But that will never happen. Too many people in this country (even those born here) want to benefit from the work and efforts of others while contributing nothing.

Back on point - my ancestors were given a fair shot. They made the most of it. I guess I am one of the minority out there who think others should be given those same opportunities.

Neo Conservative said...

"chris proudly announces... I am one of the minority out there who think others should be given those same opportunities."

yeah, chris... and the rest of us are what? c'mon... you know you wanna say it...

what part of... "my parents were immigrants" did you not understand?

you wanna play word games... take it on over to liblogs... they'll luv u longtime.


Chris said...

Not sure what you want me to say. But as you have gone off topic (same old tactics of switching topics) then lets explore your first comment:

"just something to contemplate the next time you're sitting in the local hospital emergency room waiting for 7 hours to see an already hopelessly overburdened doctor"

So, how exactly does that mesh with immigration policy? Also, when you were there with a child of yours for 7+ hours, how were you able to point out the "immigrants" from the "Canadians"?

Neo Conservative said...

chris... this is getting old.

in ontario 50 cents of every tax dollar is spent on health care.

the system is imploding.

now the boomers are starting to retire. whether you see it, or not... seniors are typically the largest users of the system.

now... you believe that... or you don't. i can't control what you or the other 23 percent of those polled think.

or maybe you just don't. think, that is.

i've already rejected 5... "you're a neocon nazi"... comments from my biggest fan nonny just this morning.

pop quiz...

bringing in everybody's elderly (and often less than sparklingly healthy 3rd world) relatives... who are not working anymore and contributing will...

(a) make things better

(b) make things worse

sorry gomer... you wanna turn this into a race thing... take it on over to liblogs.