22 February 2011

How do you say...

...totally & irrevocably disconnected from reality... in Spanish?
wait a minute

-- CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- A shoot-em-up video game set in the border town of Ciudad Juarez has angered local officials... Chihuahua state legislators said Sunday they have asked federal authorities to ban "Call of Juarez: The Cartel," which is based on drug cartel shootouts in Ciudad Juarez.

Ricardo Boone Salmon, a congressman for Chihuahua state, where Ciudad Juarez is located, said the state legislature unanimously approved a request this week asking the federal Interior Department to ban the game.
Yeah, absolutely, senor... I can see how banning video games would be right there at the top of your list.
More than 100 women were abused and murdered before their bodies were dumped in Ciudad Juarez's desert between 1993 and 2003. Many of the victims were factory workers.
I got nuthin'.


Anonymous said...

speaking of, "another hit on the bong...", it's quite astounding to watch someone so intensely against banning things to prevent crimes, etc, yet, be at the same time, be so intensely *for*, banning pot, at a cost of untold millions, effectively funnelling literally billions into the criminal world's pockets to fund other more sinister operations. Not to mention, that it has never worked!

One could go a little further, and insinuate that perhaps you are for funding these criminal operations! What other explanation fo that lunacy could there be?

But that'd be more what a blogging conservative would do eh? Insinuate.

I'll file this, as... "went right over neo's head".

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny mouse solemnly intones... someone so intensely against banning things to prevent crimes, etc,"

yes, of course, nonny... because spending 2 billion taxpayer dollars to harass farmers, hunters and skeet shooters is... not a complete waste of time, money & police resources, or simply more political posturing... but a surefire way to eliminate urban handgun crime.

don't let the fact that handguns in canada have been registered & restricted since the 1930s tell you differently.

sheer genius.


Chris said...

Video game ban = Free advertising

So the very thing legislators want to stop becomes more popular. Thing is, there are many well known examples of this... but they still keep doing it.

If they want to stop sales, they should just write 1000s of reviews that say the game 'sucks'

Neo Conservative said...

funny how that desperate cover-up thing usually works... just ask slick willie clinton... or the iranian embassy.