22 February 2011


OTTAWA - Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s call for opposition politicians to back his plan to crack down on human smuggling is being met with a flat ‘no’.
“When the next boatload of illegals washes up on our shores, Canadians won’t forgive the Ignatieff Liberals for letting human smugglers treat our great country as their doormat.
Of course, stuff like this is just S.O.P. for the "natural governing party" of Canada.

Remember, folks... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.


dougf said...

I'm not all that impressed with the Government's proposals because I find them pretty weak stuff. More show than go if you will.
Of course the opposition is worse but that appears to be the operating motif of this administration. "Sure we're not that great but geez look at the alternatives".

And they wonder why people no longer even bother to vote.

maryT said...

With all the mess in the mid-east, and all those fleeing their countries, we better get ready for thousands of more illegals.
But, after what the Somalia pirates did, ban all immigration and refugee status for anyone from Somalia.