24 February 2011

From the folks who brought you...

...mandatory mercury-infused, foreign-made corkscrew lightbulbs...

-- TORONTO -- There are 40 new wind, solar and water electricity projects on the way across Ontario.

Energy Minister Brad Duguid said Thursday new contracts have been signed with 35 solar projects, four wind projects and one water projects.
For the record, here at "the halls" we compost and recycle religiously. We heat with wood we cut ourselves. I do have an SUV... but it's older than our teenage son. I'm guessing the three or four new cars (and the energy & carbon generated in the manufacturing process) that most suburban commuters have run through in the same time period have injured Mother Earth more substantially than my old beater.

The point is... I'm not some old luddite who says "screw the environment."

And I don't think it's entirely unreasonable to ask... exactly how many of my tax dollars are being thrown down Dalton's "Green-a-licious P.R. rabbit-hole"... and what the return on this, er... investment... might be.

Tell me I'm wrong.

Meanwhile... in other "Sure you wanna die on this particular hill?" news...
"Plastic shopping bags have become one of those bones the eat-your-peas crowd has got clenched in its teeth."

"The sacks have become important (and evil) symbols for environmentalists, who because of their symbolic worth have expended more effort to have them banned than the bans could ever possibly save in environmental damage."
And please, please, please... don't get me started on ethanol plants.


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...I'm here to save you...
"The Ontario Energy Board says utilities can raise rates to cover 18 million dollars in fines and court costs they had to pay after the courts ruled they were charging too high an interest rate on late payments."

LAST WORD: Those "property rights"...

...you thought you had? Think again.


KeerthanaK2 said...

Many high profile business leaders have signaled their support for clean energy including former Premiers Mike Harris and Erne Eves. (http://bit.ly/r0NUfZ)

And now, the Pembina Institute, an independent organization, has released a study which says the wind, solar and biogas power producers under Ontario’s feed-in tariff program are being blamed unfairly for rising power prices.

The alternatives are no cheaper. The FIT program would never add more than 1.5 per cent, or about $2 a month, to the typical consumer hydro bill, the study says.

Read it here: http://bit.ly/r0NUfZ