15 February 2011

So... it's like a lateral transfer...

...within the company...

While CTV always defended Fleischmann’s party work by saying he was a volunteer on a leave of absence, a blogger published e-mails showing Fleischmann using his work e-mail address to discuss how the Liberals should plan their TV advertising strategy.


Prairie Kid said...

This fits in perfectly with a headine read on CTV News this morning.

It read: Conservatives and Liberals and an NDP member charge with fraud in Nova Scotia. So what were the actual numbers?

1 NDP, 1 Conservative and . . . 2 Liberals.

Would not the usual headline have read 1 Conservative, 1 NDP and 2 Liberals charged????

Neo Conservative said...

methinks... even the sheeple... over at commie-pinko central are starting to get a little bit fed up.