14 February 2011

Just another reason...

...to vote Conservative...
more law, less shariah

"When a citizen comes to deal with the government, particularly to exercise their right to vote, I think it's entirely reasonable that we say we need to confirm who you are and a facial identification is a reasonable way of doing that."

"It sucks when people hide their identities."
Posted by Anonymous to halls of macadamia at 10:21 AM, February 14, 2011
Oh, nonny... we've had this conversation dozens of times before, haven't we? But you keep on coming back... under your various manufactured personalities.

I do love how you attempt to castigate me... in your anonymous comments... about blogging under a pseudonym. Do I really need to explain, once again, the difference between pseudonymous & anonymous?

See nonnycakes... I have been here, every day, for over four years. You have my email & these comments. You know exactly where to find me... and you do... DAILY.
liberal supporterYou send me threats... about firebombing my house and harming my family.

So tell me, where exactly do I find your cowardly, dishonest little know-nothing ass in the millions of other vexatious, ANONYMOUS trolls?

Oh yeah... that'd be nowhere.

You get that, right?