14 February 2011

And Winston Churchill wept

It's truly over... over there.


Anonymous said...

uhmmm ... don't windows have glass , and when broken can cause injury due to cuts !

I agree it is over for the UK.

Don said...

I'd bet the PCs there would also recommend against steel bars. That would then require that the crooks cart around oxy-acetelyne torches so they can cut through them.... what if one of those tanks explodes?!?

Or just boarding up the windows. But then there are the nails... they could get stabbed by a rusty nail and get tetanus.

Better off to just leave all your stuff on the lawn with a sign that says, "please don't steal these items".

Springer said...

Behold the handy work of the Liberal Left as they turn once great nations like Britain, and yes, Canada, into reeking sewers of injustice and absolute idiocy.

Britain's injustice system is only a fraction of a degree more wretchedly asinine than has our own become.

Chris said...

Yeah - I think the cop being quoted is not understanding the law or the reporter is not writing it up correctly. From what I remember, and this was a long time ago, the case he is trying to recall was in the uk and it involved a homeowner setting debilitating traps in his backyard. The would be burglar sued because he was rendered a cripple. If memory serves, the homeowner was found to be negligent but the burglar was also negligent in being in the backyard in the first place. I can't remember the final award.

I wish I remembered the year of the decision but this contributory negligence notion was LONG before the 1970s and had nothing to do with political correctness. The idea that wire mesh = effects of setting debilitating traps for the sole purpose of maiming people is somewhat rediculous, and I doubt there would be an award against the homeowner if a burglar got cut up.

Rick Thomson said...

The mind just boggles.

Neo Conservative said...

shorter british police chase... "stop... or i'll say stop again."


Anonymous said...

I thought britain had a conservative government?

Are they powerless to stop the great threat of the left?

Neo Conservative said...

the government stops people? from doing what?

and how? hang people from lamp posts like iran?

i'm guessing you don't get out much, nonny.


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