13 February 2011

Dear Globe & Mail... I anxiously await...

...your followup article about plastic strap-on penises...
what women want?

One of her biggest-selling novels, Frost Fair, is set in 1814 and tells the story of Gideon Frost, a printer and covert part-time prostitute who carries on a secret affair with a wealthy ruffian named Joshua Redfern.
What women want, huh?

Sure doesn't sound like any of the women I know.


QOTW: Shit... now there's coffee all over everything
"Old and Frail" news articles that will never be written:

"Newspaper ink linked to rectal cancer"



Wow... this one really set poor Nonny spinning. Unfortunately, despite the half dozen frothing, incoherent rants... I was unable to determine which issue really yanked his crank. Gay romance novels... plastic sex toys... the institution of marriage... or just women in general?

I guess some things will have to remain a mystery.


Anonymous said...

No I suppose you wouldn't, know any women with any of those... sorts of... desires.

Neo Conservative said...

"nonny zips up his fly... those... sorts of... desires"

you mean women who want to vicariously experience men having sex with other men?

you're right. don't know a single one.