16 February 2011

Victim of crime gets $500,000 compens...

...wait a minute...

-- EDMONTON -- An inmate working at an Alberta prison farm is suing the Attorney-General of Canada for $500,000 after alleging he was badly injured by an "aggressive and dangerous" cow.

Johnson alleges he was carrying out his farm duties when he was "aggressed" by the cow."
Just spitballin' here... but I'm guessing Mr Johnson is forgetting that he didn't end up in the crowbar motel... because of his caring and compassionate personality.


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Hospitals are within Mr. McGuinty’s jurisdiction, as is the Ontario economy. He doesn’t have a stellar record on either, so better to hint he’d have done a more impressive job if only Ottawa hadn’t decided to expand some prisons.

Mr. McGuinty spends half his budget on healthcare and can’t seem to make it work; reducing prison space isn’t going to alter that fact much one way or the other.


Anonymous said...

my 80 year old mother fell broke her shoulder. after a week she finally got to see a dr. they sent her for physio for a year and she was told since it hurt that it was because she didn't do her exercises. She also paid to have xrays taken every week. Funny that nobody spotted the fact that the bone was not connected at the break.
2 years later she had surgery and had pins put in to hold it.
Now I know it was not a cow that did the damage but she is now hanging clothes out on the clothes line (due to hydro rates in Ontario) She lives a full life with not too much pain.
How can someone much longer deserve that much money while being given 3 meals a day, laundry done for him and sits and watches TV or plays on the computer?
He is there due to his own life style and he should not get one red cent.
He should milk the cows and forget about milking the system.

oxygentax said...

Just out of curiosity, what is the little darling in prison for?

Perhaps this can set a precedent that when a criminal causes bodily harm or death then all of THEM can owe $500,000 to each victim in addition to his or her jail sentence. It's only fair.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps this a question for the ignatieff party of canada.

after all, they're the guys who pushed for the likes of paul bernardo & clifford olson to get the vote.