30 August 2008

What's not to like?

The presence of Palin on the ticket also gives the GOP a claim on the historic nature of this election: Barriers will be broken no matter who wins.

"You want change," says a McCain aide. "Here we come."

She was a sportscaster and a fisherwoman, doesn't mind smelling like salmon occasionally, was once runner-up in the Miss Alaska competition, and her husband is a champion snowmobiler.

For all I know, she may also throw knives.

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Sarah Palin has already received a better reception than Joe Biden from voters. Biden initially only received a 39% favorability rating when announced a week ago, and still hasn’t climbed above 50%.

In contrast, Palin has a 53% favorability on Day One.


Jeff said...

what's the historic part?

there has already been a female VP candidate.

Skinny Dipper said...

Sarah Palin comes from the rinky-dink state of Alaska. Population: 670,000. Newfoundland and Labrador has about 512,000 inhabitants. New Brunswick has about 750,000. PEI has lots of Japanese tourists.

Palin's story almost sounds like the movie, King Ralph. One can picture Hollywood producing a movie about a long bearded mayor of a fictitious town called "Klondike", Alaska--pop. 500 who gets asked to become a Vice Presidential candidate. He and his presidential partner win the election. His partner becomes incompassitated and the Alaskan VP must take over the duties with weird consequences. Of course everything gets resolved in the end. That's Hollywood.

Neo Conservative said...

"jeffy asks... there has already been a female VP candidate."

yeah, jeffy... think harder.

how about an actual female vice president?


Unknown said...

Is is just me or is McCain's pick for VP is insanely hot.

Neo Conservative said...

"Skinny Dipper says... Sarah Palin comes from the rinky-dink state of Alaska. Population: 670,000."

yeah, skinny... let's look at that...

"As a state governor, she stands alone among the four presidential and vice-presidential hopefuls to have executive office experience."

and she did it while raising 5 kids? i'm more than impressed. but non of that matters, does it, skinny? i'm just surprised you didn't add... "and c'mon... she's a girl."

what really amazes me though, is that you have the chutzpah to use the words "obama" and ""hollywood" in the same comment.

guess what... people are interested in who this woman is... and, more importantly, what she stands for.

my advice to you.... stick to your straight-to-video movies and until you actually have something coherent to say.


Anonymous said...

A common string found in many of the left reactions to Palin.

Even though Palin has more real executive experience than Obama, Obama will do a better job because...... he is a man.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... A common string found in many of the left reactions to Palin."

and a common enough reaction throughout the supposedly compassionate, progressive leftosphere.