27 August 2008

Different, uh... strokes

This sorta puts me in mind of those gory mock crucifixions the media trots out every year around Easter.

A devout Muslim has been found guilty of child cruelty after forcing two boys to beat themselves during a religious ceremony, in an unprecedented case.

The jury at Manchester Crown Court found 44-year-old Syed Mustafa Zaidi guilty of two counts of child cruelty. The boys, aged 13 and 15, were forced to beat themselves with a zanjeer whip, with five curved blades.

He denied his actions were wrong, saying: "This is a part of our religion."
Well... I guess that would be hard to argue.



Anonymous said...

The Easter crucifixions in the Phillipines are anything but "mock"; they willingly submitt to being nailed to a cross to "show their piety"; just another reason I look at religion (ALL religion) as being a fairy-tale for adults.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... the easter crucifixions..."

i guess "mock" was the wrong word... but it's all of a piece.

at least... in north america anyway... we've managed to get past burning witches, huh?


mé said...

If adults wish to crucify and whip themselves, they can go ahead. When they force children to do the same, that I oppose. Note: I haven't heard of any children being crucified recently.

There's always female genital mutilation.

Johnathon said...

An article in the Ottaw Citizen talks about doctors being forced to allow ultrasounds to women who want to abort a baby of a certain.

This is taking abortion a little to far.

Thought you would like to know.

Johnathon said...

It should have said "aborting babies of a certain sex".

My apologies.

Neo Conservative said...

"mé says... adults wish to crucify and whip themselves"

crucify yourself... that'd be a trick.

i'm pretty sure you need to have some sort of a "crucifixion club" to actually pull this off.

what's that called?

oh yeah.. a congregation.


Rich said...

----"crucifixion club" to actually pull this off.

what's that called?
a congregation.

....or the LPOC.

I know....off topic.