30 August 2008

If you can make it there...

...you'd better be wearing a condom...

New York City's Department of Health and Human Hygiene said the report is the "most precise estimate yet" of annual infections of the HIV virus in New York City.

The report says in 2006, nearly 4,800 New Yorkers contracted HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. This means there were 72 new infections per 100,000 people. That number is three times higher than the national rate, in which the incidence of new infection is 23 per 100,000 people.

Overall, an estimated 100,000 New Yorkers are known to be HIV positive.
Another egregious case of "live and don't learn."



Rose said...

Neo have you seen the "Photo Essay" entitled "Back Alley" by an American that documented a gay friendly and family event in San Gayfransisco?

If not I shall give you a link to peruse, be warned it's worst than anything you can image, and it's legal and happening in the US in front of the "Police".

Why is HIV on the rise, view the picture essay and you shall be set free. No dirty needles or females involved in said essay.