25 August 2008

The pursuit of... well...

...something other than excellence...

-- NEW HAVEN -- The fighting started this week when Coach Wilfred Vidro refused a directive by league officials to replace 9-year-old pitcher Jericho Scott, whose pitching they say is so hard, fast and accurate that it might frighten or discourage other players.
So now the nanny state's gonna step in and mess with a fourth grader's proud accomplishment? Whatever's going on here... and there's talk it involves another team sponsored by the league president... it's just wrong.
Vidro said Saturday, “There’s no such thing as any kid pitching too hard. ... Let him play and your kid is going to get better.”

On Saturday, with no other youth teams in sight, Jericho’s team took on the parents instead. And their winning streak continued, 7-5.
(h/t reader dan)


Crazymamma said...

Come on now Neo.....Ya can't be having some kids obviously "better" at something then the other kids.......

Think of the children's self esteem now, how are those other kids going to deal with their lesser accomplishments?

Neo Conservative said...

yup... no more nasty competitive games... let's just play circle of friends.

that'll prepare them for the real world.