27 August 2008

The New Oil?

A Quebec think-tank with a blue-chip business board of directors has waded into one of the most controversial issues in Canadian politics by coming out in favour of bulk water exports.

“Large-scale exports of fresh water would be a wealth-creating idea for Quebec and for Canada as a whole,” the Montreal Economic Institute said Wednesday. “It is urgent to look seriously at developing our blue gold.”

Indeed, Quebec could generate $65-billion a year in gross revenue if it were to export 10 per cent of the one trillion cubic metres of “renewable fresh water” available to it each year, according to an MEI research paper.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm pretty much a capitalist in most ways, and I'm not a nervous nelly, but "renewable" water is based on quite a few things. Depleting aquifers is always a possibility.

Neo Conservative said...

water is life.

you can go weeks without food... and years without oil.

without water, you're dead in days.

i'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Some of the communities north of Toronto are finding this out: they've sold so much water to bottling companies that their wells are, while not exactly going dry, certainly not refilling as fast as they were before.

Ya think...nah, cause and effect never works in nature, does it?