27 August 2008

More adventures in...

...the pursuit of... well... something other than excellence.

-- BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA -- A school in northern Australia will review a ban on cartwheels, handstands and other gymnastic tumbles in the playground after a community backlash, the state education department said Wednesday.

Kylie Buschgens said her 10-year-old daughter had been punished for doing cartwheels, even on the grass, after students were told of the ban at a recent assembly.
Fortunately, this one may get nipped in the bud.
On Tuesday, Education Minister Rod Welford suggested the school should overturn its decision.

“I think the decision by the principal in Townsville the other day was prompted by the fact that increasingly we as a community are wrapping our children in cotton wool,” Mr. Welford said. “I think our generation of parents are mollycoddling their children.”
Just ask Jericho Scott.