29 August 2008

"He is still angry..."

"...for me throwing him out, and is upset that I haven't just forgiven him, however, the information I have received, is - as hard as it is - I need to be resolute in my message that what he has done is abhorrent and unacceptable..."

"So – tell me that a nice clean clinic isn’t, to some degree, a subtle message that:

a) Using heroin can be 'safe';
b) Society doesn’t judge you for what you are doing, and in fact, is in a small way, supportive."

"To everyone who has sent a subtle or not-so-subtle message to my son that drug use and dealing is 'victimless' – well, f*ck you all."

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-- TORONTO -- As detectives search for the family of a man whose decomposing body was discovered in a recycling bin earlier this week, a crack-addicted pregnant woman remains in custody charged with his slaying.