26 August 2008

Say, Teddy...

...while we're still on audacity...

Party officials will be hoping the Kennedy magic will help to heal rifts that remain between the supporters of Senator Obama and his rival for the nomination, Hillary Clinton.
I guess I'm just a little unclear why anybody would look to this guy to walk their dog... never mind heal any rifts.
Ted Kennedy's own tilt for the presidency foundered in 1980, but his career was forever marked down for his role in the death of a campaign volunteer, Mary Jo Kopechne, a year after Bobby's killing.

After leaving a party he drove off a bridge on the Massachusetts island of Chappaquiddick and left the scene of the accident, failing to report it to the police for several hours. Ms Kopechne was trapped in the car and drowned.
You feel like maybe clearing up a few murky questions here?

Yeah... that's what I thought.


Sen. Ted Kennedy: "And when the Reagan administration was selling arms to Iran, WHERE WAS GEORGE?"

Answer: "Dry, sober, and at home with his wife." -- P.J. O'Rourke