24 August 2008

Inject this, you idiots

From the folks who brought you government-sponsored heroin parlours...

B.C.-based organized crime groups are controlling the sale of methamphetamine across Canada and abroad, according to Criminal Intelligence Service Canada's annual report.

Meth production in the province was up in 2007 "primarily to meet expanding international market consumption," said the report, which marks trends in organized crime across the country.
But, but, but... isn't drug abuse a victimless crime?
The resulting drug-gang violence that has ripped through Metro Vancouver in recent months is a hallmark of the crime groups, the report said.

"Violence and intimidation are used to solidify or further a crime group's involvement within a criminal market. It is usually directed either externally against criminal rivals or internally within their own organization to maintain discipline," it said.
Not to mention the myriad criminal acts committed by the, uh... clients themselves.

Victims? What victims?



Miles Lunn said...

I fully disagree here. The Safe injection site, although not perfect, has generally delivered positive results and enjoys widespread support in Vancouver and BC, even amongst Conservative voters. Both Mayor Sam Sullivan and Premier Gordon Campbell who are both centre-right in their views fully support the site. This is not about promoting or condoning drug use, it simply recognizes the fact that you will have drug users and it is better to have a place where it can reduce the spread of disease and overdoses. Also there are health professionals there who can help bring them into treatment. Locking them in jail as the Tories think will only make them hardened criminals. Studies have shown that the liberal approach to drugs the Dutch take is far more effective than the US style war on Drugs. Besides I thought Tories were for having decisions made locally. If other communities in Canada don't want safe injection sites, that is perfectly fine by me, but if most residents of Vancouver want one, why shouldn't they be allowed. I use to drive through the Downtown Eastside on a regular basis when I lived in Vancouver and I can tell you this is far worse than anything else in any Canadian city.

Neo Conservative said...

miles... i guess we'll have to agree to disagree...

"A committee set up to advise it on the issue found that only about 500 of Vancouver’s 8,000 addicts use Insite each day, and fewer than 10% of those use it for all their injections."

"It found no clear evidence of any increase in treatment, nor of any fall in HIV cases."


Rose said...

The safe injection site is just another failed social experiment by the leftards, they create hair brain unprovable programs to employ their fellow advocates.

The leftard career advocates created the hate, racism industry thus they naturally broadened their scope to junkies. Quite brilliant because they'll never run out of people to experiment on for a paycheck. As for proof that it works, well we'd have to do a study on every drug den or crack house and ally way and frankly who's going to go around polling junkies for data? Sir how often do you use clean needles, what's the status of your health Hep C positive or HIV positive. Did you get the above from a dirty needle or unprotected sex (prostitution), honestly it's not possible to prove "Safe Injection Sites" work or don't work because relying on junkies for accurate stats is assinine.

Anonymous said...

But, but, but... isn't drug abuse a victimless crime?
It is when it isn't illegal.

Just like drinking alcohol wasn't a victimless crime when it was illegal

Neo Conservative said...

i think kate's got this angle covered...

"Truly, drunk drivers need a better press agent. There's no other way to explain how the same people who point to reductions in drunk driving rates through enforcement and stiffer sentencing, also argue that 'jail is not the answer' for the criminal drug abuser."


Manuel said...

I'm still amazed they plan to open a homeless shelter in langley to house the transiants from east Van.....The city council there must have a death wish.