25 August 2008

He's not a rich guy like McCain

Good ol' Barry's just like you and me...

Obama officials said a key purpose of the convention is to give voters a better sense of the candidate’s biography and roots. A film that appeared to be a biography of Obama was playing silently in the Pepsi Center Sunday afternoon.

In Wisconsin Sunday, Obama said he hoped convention viewers would conclude, “He’s sort of like us. He comes from a middle-class background, went to school on scholarships. He and his wife had to figure out child care and how to start a college fund for their kids.”
Well... maybe there's a few small differences...
Just hours before tonight's big Pennsylvania debate, Barack Obama kept his pledge to release his income tax return for 2007.

It shows that he and his wife Michelle earned more than in previous years -- more than $4.2 million, with about $261,000 from salaries and the rest from book royalties.


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...to tell her himself. Yeah, that's Commander-in-Chief material.
-- DENVER, Colorado (CNN) -- Hillary Clinton learned Friday she would not be Barack Obama’s running mate by a close associate and later that day spoke directly to Obama, according to a senior Obama aide and a Democratic official.

The associate was asked by the Obama campaign to inform Clinton she was not his running mate before it was publicly announced. It is not clear what Clinton and Obama talked about in the private conversation that took place later.


Anonymous said...

No you know why he made such a stink about McCain's comment that you are rich when you finally $5 million.

In one fell swoop, McCain had the audacity to say that the Obamas aren't rich enough for his tastes.

Racist ba$tard!

Neo Conservative said...

c'mon... everybody knows the first $4.2 million is deductible.


Anonymous said...

Biden is not what he pretends to be any more than Obama is. Both are frauds and some research into their backgrounds will show quite fast that they are hiding things. That the media and the public don't care, I find scary indeed. (real conservative)