31 August 2008

Remember when you were a kid...

...and you'd always be stumbling across people with bullet wounds when you went out to play with your friends?

A 26-year-old man is recovering from a bullet wound to the leg after he was found screaming and writhing in pain between two homes in Vaughan.

Police added witnesses saw a number of people running away after the shooting, but are focused on one, possibly two males, as suspects in the shooting.
Yeah... me neither.


"I oppose the demonizing of Toronto, since I never see your blog mention any non-Toronto murders or attacks."
Hmmmm... that's funny... perhaps some sort of reading disability?
"Saskatchewan again had the highest rate of all provinces, with 4.1 homicides for every 100,000 people."
And, oops... look over here...
"The minister said Vancouver has the second highest rate of violent and property crimes of any major city in the United States or Canada."
Wait a minute... what's that over there?
"The RCMP charged Pingoatuk (Ping) Kolola of Kimmirut, Nunavut, on Wednesday with first-degree murder in the shooting death of RCMP Constable Douglas Scott."
Maybe, Nonny-bot... you should try reading slower.

Lots more where those came from.



Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back in "God's country", Calgary has its 24th murder of the year, on track for a record.

Remember when you were a teenager, and you had to go out the back door of your home because you might have got shot going out the front?


Yeah, me neither.

And by the way, so far in Toronto there have been 44 homicides. Less than double Calgary. And 8 by guns, which is the same number as Calgary. Yet Toronto has far great population than Calgary, no? Not to mention that Vaughn is not really in Toronto, but part of the GTA.

It's not that I oppose the publicizing of these crimes. But I oppose the demonizing of Toronto, since I never see your blog mention any non-Toronto murders or attacks.

Please continue your worthy series with some non-Toronto crimes. It's less hypocritical that way.


Neo Conservative said...

"cc-lickin' nonny-bot snarks... Please continue your worthy series with some non-Toronto crimes."

perhaps... my benighted progressive friend... you should read slower.


Anonymous said...

LOL. I doubt my friends would call me progressive.

Still, the stuff posted in this series seems very Toronto centric, in keeping with the usual anti-Toronto on conservative sites. I've become hypersensitive to that I suppose. Just want equal time for the rest of Canada - Toronto is not exactly the hellhole shooting gallery that so many at Blogging Tories seem anxious to paint it as.

On the topic of reading slower, I did make a mistake with regard to gun murders in Toronto. I misread the table from the Toronto police site. It's actually 26 murders by guns. 8 were by "other". Sorry about that.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I've become hypersensitive to that I suppose. Just want equal time for the rest of Canada."

that's a reasonable request, which btw... i believe i've already covered.

main post updated.


Anonymous said...

And your point anony's?
Last I heard these 'other cities' weren't going after legal gun owners. Perhaps their Mayors haven't been under the influence of His Blondness.

Anonymous said...

Anony2, I have the same opinion, or worse (since there are other problems with him besides his idiotic attitude to guns) with regard to "his blondness".

However, this is not a Toronto issue. His blondness' web site has a support letter from the Mayor of Montreal, and from the organization of Mayors and Regional Chairs in Toronto.

Gun bans are the product of the ignorance and cynical manipulation of left wing politicians. They are most to be found in municipal politics, and DEFINITELY exist outside of Toronto. I'd venture that lunatic lefties probably are even more powerful in Vancouver than in Toronto, and Calgary is well on its way to the left wing of the asylum.

Neo Conservative said...

you wouldn't believe all the obese people i saw when i was out today... and gawd knows heart attacks kill more people in this (or any other, for that matter) country than guns... so how about we get crackin' on a national "pop and snack food" ban?

yeah... that's what i thought.


Anonymous said...

Toronto's a disaster waiting to happen. Suck it up.