12 August 2008

He may have tried preparing...

...but he sure wasn't ready...

"This was a running gun battle," Toronto Police homicide Det. Mary Vruna told reporters at police headquarters, two days after Ryan St. Christopher Rowe-Reid, 20, was shot dead. "All of the individuals were prepared to have a gun fight."
And guess what happens at a wild-ass shootout... when you don't bring your "A" game.
By the time the suspect -- described as a black male, six feet tall, with a dark hoodie, black denim jeans and possibly sunglasses -- fled in a dark blue, older model minivan, Rowe-Reid was left to bleed out next to a red 1992 Toyota Corolla. Paramedics took him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.
It's a predictable ending... to an all too familiar scenario.
Both victims were known to police. Rowe-Reid has been convicted of a weapons offence in the past.

The unemployed man was of no fixed address, but maintained "regular contact" with his Toronto family, Vruna said.
Yup... a real family guy.

I can't wait for the inevitable, sickly-sweet eulogies... lauding his potential overwhelming contributions to the field of folk... you know... if he hadn't imagined himself some kinda dumbass gangsta.

The moral of the story... Helen Keller coulda seen this one coming.


I think the Dawg... needs a good worming.


greyburr said...

One has to wonder if mayor millar & his toadies at silly hall sleep at night?Every initiative they take is eventually sabotaged by those gun club nuts!Seriously, by millar & his gang doing absolutely nothing regarding the druggies & gangbangers each & every death can be directly linked to his pseudo social policys.

Rose said...

If I lived in Toronto I'd be selling up the ole Mansion and fleeing for a safer city. Toronto has no one to blame but themselves, they created a socialist hell hole that panders to immigrants (can we say "Transfer payments" for the vote). It's not working out so well thou, gang bangers don't vote unless it's for a new gang banger leader.

Lycan Stark said...

One less violent thug polluting this country. Good riddance to such trash.

roblaw said...

Ok.. at the risk of sounding PC - I have a problem when we, on the right, make generalizations of "immigrants" as if that, in and of itself, is a bad thing.

My grandparents are all immigrants - they came, they worked, they saved, and contributed greatly.. and new immigrants into Canada today do the same, exact thing. So - rather than suggesting that "immigrants" are the problem, the problem starts at politicians who refuse to acknowledge the need to be firm and unyielding with criminals. The problem is nanny state that insists on giving children more and more authority and less and less accountability.

The problem is a left-oriented government that insists that reducing the sanctity of the church and family is the answer to social ills, where more often than not, its the cause.

I know many immigrants who are doing their best to make their way in our country in a positive manner - only to be hampered by the same things we all deplore - crime and stupid government intrusion into our lives where they are not welcomed. In fact, most recent immigrants that I come in contact with have no problem with putting in a fair days' work for modest pay - far beyond that of our coddled, made in Canada, spoiled millenial children.

Did I mention Toronto's crack cocain promotion - it seems they are giving out free 'safe' crack kits - apparently to send a message to our children that there's a "safe" way to do crack.

Honey Pot said...

I hear you Roblaw, but there is tons of money to be made by the poverty pimps to keep them down.

If you were told from the moment you got off the boat, you are a victim, and not responsible for your actions, you'd act on it.

Don't worry about your kids, we'll raise them, fed them and make sure they understand they are victims, and not responsible for their actions. This is the mantra of the left.

The problem is, they got way too many victims, and they are killing each other, and just how can you be the victim of a victim, if your a born victim.

Hard to get your head around.

Neo Conservative said...

"roblaw says... I have a problem when we, on the right, make generalizations of "immigrants" as if that, in and of itself, is a bad thing."

rob... agreed.

although there is a violent subset of some cultural communities committing the lion's share of, for instance... gun crimes... this has absolutely nothing to do with "all immigrants".

i deal in specific instances here... not generalisation... and i ask my commenters to do likewise.


Honey Pot said...

Lt. Doré said he could not reveal why the officers wanted to talk to Dany Villanueva on Saturday, but the 20-year-old is out on bail pending trial on a charge of armed robbery.-globe and mail

Armed robbery? that usually means with a weapon, a gun.

Let's do the math. 20 gangsta's and two cops.

Not that all gangsta's carry guns, only the one's who see it as a status symbol.

A smart cop would have their hand on their holster. You'd have your gun ready to go if one of them come at you.

One came at them. Logic tells you, that one is going in a box.

Neo Conservative said...

"hp says... Let's do the math. 20 gangsta's and two cops."

a cop gets swarmed in a situation like this... it's all over.

you've got a gun... you use it, or lose it. so this one's really simple... attack a cop... look to your life.