26 September 2007

Growing support for NDP position...

As... coincidentally... Afghani tribesman seem to be getting their information from the same unimpeachable source as Taliban Jack.

-- KANDAHAR, Afghanistan -- Hundreds of protesters blocked the main highway west of Kandahar city today, claiming that foreign soldiers killed two local clerics in an overnight raid.

The Canadian military says it wasn't involved in the operation last night in Senjaray, a sprawling suburb where military convoys have often faced ambushes.
Yeah, yeah... but I'm sure somebody's brother's, uncle's, first cousin... saw something or other.

But that really doesn't matter does it? It's death to everybody, right? Wind 'em up and watch 'em go.
However, witnesses' vague descriptions of the troops who broke through doors in the middle of the night have led many residents to blame the Canadians.

“Death to Canada, death to foreigners, death to Karzai,” a protester yelled.
That's some "Religion of Peace" ya got there.

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