24 September 2007

It's gotta be all or nothing

Maybe a Catholic Premier, whose kids go to Catholic schools and whose wife is a teacher in the Catholic system... shouldn't be the final arbiter of this controversial matter.

The Ontario government should stop funding Catholic schools, according to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association.

Ontario is the only province where taxpayers pay 100 per cent of the costs for students who attend Catholic schools and none of the costs for students attending Islamic, Jewish or other faith-based schools.

Other provincial governments either partly fund all faith-based schools that meet their guidelines, or fund none of them.
It only makes sense.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering, can it be done given the "Constitution"?

Neo Conservative said...

it sure sounds like it...

"In 1985, Ontario extended full funding to Catholic schools. Quebec and Newfoundland, on the other hand, initiated constitutional amendments to disband publicly funded Catholic schools entirely."


Anonymous said...

If funding private schools, religious or whatever, undermines the Teacher's Union that owns us - it's a good thing.