29 September 2007

Sing a song of hatred

"Battyman fi dead!/Please mark we word/Gimme tha tech-nine/Shoot dem like bird".

Kool Haus has pulled the plug last minute on the concerts of two controversial reggae and dancehall artists.

Entertainers Elephant Man and Sizzla were scheduled to perform Sept. 28 and Oct. 5 respectively, but both men have been under fire from human rights organizations who say their lyrics are homophobic.

“There are artists who are profiteering the songs about death and violence against gays and lesbians,” says Larcher. “It isn’t a black and white issue."

"It’s a human rights issue.”
Judging from his picture... I'd say the E-Man, at minimum, looks to be a little conflicted.


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Fact is, there's more than just the gay bashing aspect of this culture we should be looking at. Why has it taken a gay advocacy group to speak up about it.

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Anonymous said...

If Christian rockers came to town and sang the same lyrics...

Neo Conservative said...

"anon squeaks... If Christian rockers came to town and sang the same lyrics..."

how simply can i put this... even if it was mother theresa... it's still wrong.


dmorris said...

What a shame they've been banned, rappers have so much to teach our children!

k. smart said...

Praise killing homosexuals and lesbians? Bad.

Praise killing whites? Right on, righteous bro!