24 September 2007

Welcome Back Khadr

Chalk up one for the good guys... Omar Khadr is gonna get his day in court.

-- WASHINGTON -- A military appeals court sided with the Pentagon today, overruling a judge who threw out terrorism charges against a Canadian Guantanamo Bay detainee.

The U.S. Court of Military Commission Review ruled that a military court set up by the Bush administration was the proper venue for deciding whether Omar Khadr is an "unlawful enemy combatant" and trying him on terrorism charges.
That sound you just heard is the sighing and weeping of a million deluded leftbots.
The ruling reverses a military judge's June 4 ruling that the tribunal system created by Congress did not have authority to try detainees unless they were first determined to be unlawful enemy combatants.

UPDATE: In other Canuck terrorist related news
In a move that stunned defence lawyers for 14 men alleged to have participated in terrorist-related activities, the federal Crown announced this morning that it will file direct indictments against the accused.

All parties were in the midst of a preliminary hearing that was expected to last until the spring. A direct indictment would mean an end to the preliminary hearing and a stay of all the charges. The men would be re-charged and after bail hearings, they would proceed to a criminal trial.

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Raphael Alexander said...

That was a really good title you made up. Some people don't care about titles. I think it really sells a blog.

Oh and Khadr. Yeah. So long as he doesn't come back here I'm pleased as punch.

Neo Conservative said...

getting the right title is half the battle... and half the fun.


kursk said...

Direct indictments by the crown usually mean that they have overwhelming evidence against you, and can't wait to sit your ass down in federal court..

They have these asshats dead to rights i will wager and want to get the show on the road ASAP