30 September 2007

UPDATE: Hunting Humans

There's a wolf pack on the loose... in Brampton.

-- BRAMPTON -- Honours student Akila Badhanage was knifed to death during a random swarming by "cowardly" young men, leaving even seasoned homicide detectives seething at the senseless violence.

Akila Badhanage, a Grade 12 student with an average mark of 90, aimed to be an engineer.

Police in Peel Region are calling the murder a "random act of violence." Badhanage was swarmed by a group of men around Lord Simcoe Drive while on his way to work late Friday afternoon.

Police are on the lookout for four or five black men seen running from the scene.
You can work hard, you can do everything right... and in the blink of an eye, a pack of animals can tear your throat out.


SIDENOTE: Brampton... the new Toronto?


RELATED: Predatory Toronto pack continues to grow
Toronto police dog Rambo is being credited with arresting two of four teens who threatened to kill an undercover officer in a sting operation.

Two of the suspects were described by police as being members of the Five Point Generals, the same gang whose members are allegedly involved in the separate slayings of Ephraim Brown, 11, at a July 22 birthday party, and the 2005 Boxing Day shootout that claimed the life of 15-year-old Jane Creba.

One suspect spoke with the undercover officer and then turned to his cronies and told them to "shoot him," Adamson said.

The officer was vulnerable, without body armour or his service revolver, and police watching the undercover sting moved in quickly with Rambo leading the charge.

Four teens, two aged 14 and two aged 15, are charged with robbery, threatening death and resisting arrest.
Of course, under the Liberals "catch and release" programme, they'll be back on the street tomorrow.


LAST WORD: Obviously not enough midnight basketball
Police have released the name of a young man shot and killed in the city’s north end late last week.

Richard Gyamfi, 19, was shot in the head while sitting in a car in a parking lot on Jane St. just south of Finch Ave. W. on Friday around 8 p.m.
Thank you Premier McGuinty.

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