23 September 2007

Not to rush things here...

But... when exactly Mr. Layton... will you be heading over to Afghanistan... to fire up your, uh... "peace negotiations"?

-- KABUL, Afghanistan -- Italy's defence ministry said on Sunday it believed two Italian soldiers missing in Afghanistan had been kidnapped.

The soldiers went missing while on patrol in western Afghanistan, Italian authorities said earlier on Sunday. Police in the country's west said they were searching for the pair.
It's probably not a good idea to travel alone... perhaps you could bring Sergeant Steffi along to spread some of that egghead goodwill we've been hearing about.

I'm sure these guys are willing to listen to reason.
In southern Zabul province, meanwhile, the Taliban kidnapped three Afghan men accused of spying for the U.S. and executed them, said Shamulzayi district chief Wazir Khan.

Police recovered the bodies Saturday evening. One of the victims was beheaded, and the other two were shot dead.
Uh, Jack... Jack... are you there?

Yeah... that's what I thought.

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justfrank said...

I was thinking maybe we could send some blankets with TJ to hand out on his negotiation mission of peace. We could throw in some kevlar for protection from bullets,but I'm not sure what to suggest for the chopping off heads problem?