23 September 2007

The reality of a Liberal Ontario

That was the day Mr. Brown, watching from his house, realized that he and his family were on their own...

“When the sun goes down behind my home, I don't live in Canada, I live in Beirut.”

UPDATE: John Tory steps up
If elected Oct. 10, Tory says he would change provincial laws to broaden the definition of trespassing and double existing fines for those who defy the order.

Individuals would face a maximum fine of $2,000 for each day they occupy land illegally and organizations would face a maximum daily fine of $25,000.
(also via "joanne")


Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for the link! Ontario residents along the Grand River may not be completely on their own after all if John Tory wins the election. Check out the update.

Anonymous said...

The Banana Republic of Liberal Ontario

Neo Conservative said...

in dalton mcguinty's ontario... apparently some people are expendable.

friends don't let friends vote fiberal.