25 September 2007

Another Toronto school stabbing

Eventually the code talkers just have to spit it up.

A fight between rival groups of students yesterday in a north-east neighbourhood sent three teens to hospital, one with stab wounds.

Toronto Catholic District School Board Chair Oliver Carroll said violence hasn't been a problem at Mother Teresa, but most high schools deal with some fighting.

"In any high school these days, you're going to have gangs, groups, whatever," Carroll said.

"It's a very diverse school."

UPDATE: Second stabbing at same school
Police said the student at Mother Teresa Catholic School was stabbed twice in the chest area at about 4 p.m. and is in good condition at Sunnybrook hospital, where he was being interviewed by detectives.

The youth is the second student of the school to be stabbed in two days.

Residents said tensions have been escalating between Tamil and black youths. They claimed the knife attack came in retaliation for the stabbing of another teen at the school on Monday.
And surprise... it's race-related.


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Didn't they just bury a 16 year-old Scarborough high school student a couple of weeks ago?

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Frank Hilliard said...

We're going to see a LOT more of this as gangs turn from guns to knives. Knives are easier to get and quieter to use. You still wind up dead of course.

kursk said...

Yes, the code talkers reveal themselves as apologists for gang warfare based on racial lines...

It's to be expected, they sigh?

So lets reverse this then... they are saying it was better, (and believe me folks, it was..) when the schools were predominately white? It was expected that there was to be orderly conduct, following of the rule of law, and all that common sense 101 stuff?

THAT was to be expected...

Before the radical influx of immigrant cultures changed our ethos, we did not have these shootings stabbings etc. on almost a weekly basis.

But, hey, it's to be expected now!Political correctness has given the darlings a free pass..the same left that will not let you say anything bad, nor prosecute these darlings, says it's allright, because that's the way it is..it's to be expected..

We socially re-engineered your society, screwed it up big time, but hey, all this unfortunate fallout?
it's to be expected..but don't call us on it, you racists..

Neo Conservative said...

Do you remember all the indiscriminate stabbing and shooting that used to go on in Toronto when you were a kid?

Yeah... me neither.


Anonymous said...

No one really cares if 'Diverse' kids are killing each other, 'open-minded' liberals will say it's part of their culture. The only way to really interest the media and people in general would be a white versus one of the 'diverse' groups fight.

Barb said...

Are there any stats on violence in private faith-based schools? McGuinty keeps talking about how wonderful Ontario's public schools are, how does he explain the violence? Has anybody asked him? If not, why isn't he being pressed to explain this? With so much focus on the faith-based school issue, I can't believe the issue of safety and violence hasn't been raised. Is he concerned for his kids' safety? Is that why they didn't attend public school? Why isn't somebody asking??

genslub3 said...

Embrace the enriching diversity until someone you know dies. Luckily Toronto's immigration rate hasn't helped bring the numbers of unemployed down to the national average.

Why are there so many unemployed in Toronto if immigration creates wealth?

And it all the best for Canada if we have white flight right?